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This is some basic information about the oncology. with our full wishes.

Which is better chemotherapy before surgery in breast cancer or the opposite

In the small size of the tumor and the lymph nodes of breast cancer, surgery is preferred before chemotherapy while in big size tumors doctors advice to commands by chemotherapy first to get the tumor smaller before surgery.

Should I have to change my medicines for diabetes and hypertension while receiving chemo or radiotherapy

In most instances there are no major obstacle for receiving medicines for other disease but there should be review and modification of all medicines taken by the patient during the course of chemotherapy for prevention of any drug interaction.

What is the best type of food advised for patients under treatment by radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is a localized method of treatment applied for a specific region of the body of the patient e.g. the throat, the stomach, the chest, etc., and different foods recipes are prescribed for type and site of cancer.

Is chemotherapy harmful to children, pregnant women and relatives of the patient

Not at all, the chemotherapy is only distributing in the body of the patient himself

Is there any treatment for the side effects of chemotherapy

Yes for sure, new drugs are available to prevent the major side effects of the chemotherapy like vomiting, weakness, and tardiness. However, hair loss is prevented by special application of head caps according to the type of cancer.

How long will is the duration of chemotherapy treatment

Usually the chemotherapy is administered in cycles repeated every two to three weeks. The number of cycles ranges between four to eight cycles in most of the conditions. Few cancer types may require up to one to two years for treatment by chemotherapy.

What is the chance of cure by chemotherapy

Some types of cancers like lymphoma, testicular cancer may be cured in more than 90% by chemotherapy. This means that percentage of cure is defined by the type of cancer and extends of the stage.

How is chemotherapy given to the patient

Chemotherapy is available either on intravenous injections or in tablet form by mouth.